Hydro Cleanse Therapy

The Art of Inner Cleansing


“Clean Gut, Clean Mind “

Benefits explained

Gut health and microbiome research is one of the hottest topics and exciting areas emerging from the wellness industry. Colonic Irrigation was once the foremost treatment for “Chronic digestive problems”. It’s benefits have now been discovered to be far more expansive and far reaching. Current studies have shown that by altering, cleansing the colon and bacteria in your gut improves brain health. 


Nutrowell’s mission is to provide our members with the best results and take absolutely no short cuts when it comes to wellbeing. We at Nutrowell chose the ‘DOTOLO COMFORT MODEL’ which is by far the best device on the market today. Our state of the art machine uses advanced technology taking detoxification onto the next level. By using LED INFRA RED lights internally we are able to stimulate the organs and purify the body at a much faster rate. Our highly qualified assistant will aim to reassure clients have the utmost comfort, effectiveness of the procedure and all by all means safety.

What happens during colon cleanse therapy?

Your first appointment includes a confidential medical history, and a full explanation of the treatment and procedure (Please allow an additional 30 minutes)

You are then asked to lie on your side,  whilst water is fed into the lower bowel. After a few minutes you will be asked to turn onto your back. Your therapist will use gentle massage techniques across abdomen to assist in the elimination of the waste and gas pocket. ( some herbal infusions or/ and post treatment enemas can be added/ used during the colonic treatment).

Is it safe?

It is  recommended that you should not have colonic irrigation if you have:

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How does colon cleanse therapy compliment rejuvenation treatments and prevents premature ageing skin problems?

Post removal of the waste material in your colon, harmful bacteria is minimised, resulting in improved immune function. Your body is given a chance to flourish, reboot and replenish the good bacteria. The lymphatic system, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, skin and lungs are able to work more effectively at cleansing your body leaving you feeling lighter, rejuvenated and energised. 

Why a course of treatment is recommended ?

Poor diet, lack of fibre and water may cause faecal matter to stagnate and block . In these cases subsequent treatments are required, spread over few days apart to achieve desired results. Colonics have been shown to have a beneficial effect on all the following:

Please note all our single sessions, treatments and packages are valid for 12 months from the day of purchase. T&C's apply.