Mind Pod

"This awesome pod may solve the most difficult thing about meditating "
- Business Insider

Mind Pod

Nutrowell welcomes you to experience the worlds first meditation pod. Less stress, more peace we found a way to get there.

As featured in

Forbes, Huffington Post and has been used by Richard Branson at his roundtable corporate discussions.

Take a Deep Dive Into Infinity

how it works?

Each 20 minute session is tailored with your specific goal in mind. Pick the program that speaks to your current needs be it healing, improved confidence, love, clarity, or manifesting intentions. Next, get comfortable the dome will illuminate in a colour coordinated with your chosen session. Allow the words or sounds to gently guide you into a meditative state. Your session will end with three chimes, which will wake you if you’ve fallen asleep. The dome colour will reset to white.

“What we need is more people to specialise in the impossible.” - Dominic Knight

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